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Get FREE one-to-one support from a professionally-trained Mentor/breast cancer survivor who is similar to you. ABCD’s customized matching is exclusively done by our Match Specialists. There is no A/I involved.

Here’s how it works:


Fill out our simple form or give us a call.


Tell us about your diagnosis, treatment plan, age, and what is important to you.



Our Match Specialists pair you with a Mentor who’s just right for you.

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The Power of One to One

My Mentor has taught me how to stay optimistic while still honoring the feelings and emotions I have about how much this sucks. - Chiara, Participant living with MBC. ABCD provides such a source of strength, encouragement, and information coupled with deep emotional feeling. It was at a time I needed it most. - ABCD Participant

No one — not a helpline, website or even caring family and friends — can provide customized emotional support like ABCD can.


All services are FREE and virtual


Comprehensive Mentor vetting and training

Highly customized & unlimited number of matches


Mentors of all stages, ages & backgrounds


Support available diagnosis through treatment & in survivorship

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What is a Mentor?

ABCD Mentors are volunteers who are breast cancer survivors at least one year past completing treatment (with the exception of hormone replacement therapy), living with metastatic/stage IV disease, or a friend or family member of a breast cancer patient. They are willing to listen and provide you a safe space to share and offer understanding and compassion. Mentors are not licensed mental health professionals.

When can I have a Mentor?

Mentors are available at time of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. There are no time parameters to when you can have a Mentor.

How quickly will I be matched?

Once you’ve talked with a Match Specialist, and shared information about yourself, your diagnosis and the most important thing you’d like to talk to a Mentor about, we will match you as quickly as possible.

Can I have more than one Mentor?

Yes, you can have as many Mentors as you’d like. For example, a person may be evaluating surgery options and wants to talk with someone who’s undergone a lumpectomy and someone who had a mastectomy. Or, a person may request a second Mentor after they’ve completed treatment to talk about moving forward after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Can my partner get support too?

ABCD provides emotional support to anyone impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis. We have trained Friends & Family Mentors – a spouse, sibling, friend – who have supported someone going through breast cancer who are ready to help others.

Can I talk with my Mentor in person?

Most of our Mentors provide support over the phone or online. If you and your Mentor want to meet in person, you can talk about it together.

What information do you need about me to make a match?

We’ll gather basic information about you and your breast cancer diagnosis. We’ll match you with a Mentor who has similar personal traits, family dynamics and breast cancer type. We’ll ask you what’s the most important thing you’d like to talk to your Mentor about, and we’ll make a meaningful match.

Is my information confidential?

Yes, your information is held in confidence and only shared with your Mentor.

How long will my Mentor be there to support me?

Your Mentor will be there for as long as needed.

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