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Breast cancer is so much more than chemo, radiation, and surgeries. Getting through it requires reliable, consistent support from someone who knows personally what it’s like to hear, “you have breast cancer.”

At ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, you’ll be matched with a professionally-trained Mentor/breast cancer survivor who not only shares a similar diagnosis and treatment, but whose age, life stage and interests closely align with yours.

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The Power of One-to-One

Decades of research indicate that patients who take advantage of non-clinical support like ABCD’s customized, one-to-one support are more likely to finish treatment, have improved survival rates, show a reduced risk of recurrence, and report experiencing less distress, healthier social relationships, and an improved quality of life.

– National Cancer Institute, Office of Cancer Survivorship and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship


109K +

People served in all 50 states & 10 countries



Total one-to-one matches



Mentors trained

* Statistics as of January 2024


All ABCD Services are free, confidential and available at any point during your breast cancer journey.

ABCD is for anyone impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis—patients, family & friends.

Ready to talk to someone who gets it?

No one else — not a helpline, website or even caring family and friends — can provide customized emotional support like ABCD can.

Every day, people receive the life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer. And for more than 20 years, ABCD has given the invaluable gift of emotional support as a free service to anyone who needs it. We rely 100% on the generosity of donors – individuals, corporations, and foundations – to do this important work. Please consider making a donation today to ABCD and exploring other ways to support our organization!

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