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From Patient to Mentor

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“ABCD’s New Mentor Training was just incredible. It helped me make sense of my own situation, my own journey, and now I get to support other people as a Mentor.”

— Melodie, ABCD Mentor

Become an ABCD Mentor and provide hope, guidance, & compassion to someone just like you.

ABCD Mentors are volunteers who are breast cancer survivors at least one year past completing treatment (with the exception of hormone replacement therapy), living with metastatic/stage IV disease, or a friend or family member of a breast cancer patient.

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Why Become an ABCD Mentor?

Meaningful Impact

Share your experience and insights to empower someone just like you who
needs support after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Personal Fulfillment

Volunteer with ABCD to experience the social and mental health benefits
of giving back to the breast cancer community.

Lasting Connections

Join the ABCD Mentor network and find a supportive community of other survivors and people living with metastatic disease.

Comprehensive Training

Ongoing Mentor Support

Virtual, Flexible Volunteering

We especially need Mentors from minority/underrepresented and LGBTQIA+ communities, men, young survivors, and MBC patients.

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