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Breast cancer is so much more than scans, biopsies, chemo, radiation and surgery. Getting through it requires reliable, consistent support from someone who knows personally what it’s like to hear, “You have breast cancer.”

At ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, we nurture hope and restore confidence by providing one-to-one mentoring and resources for anyone impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis, from people who’ve been there.

We know that patients have many online forms and paperwork to fill out. All we need is basic information from you and your patient to get them the support they need. Just click the link below to fill out our quick and easy form.

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The National Cancer Institute along with accrediting organizations and professional oncology associations recommends cancer care providers emphasize both quantity and quality of life issues.

Professionally-trained Mentors

All ABCD Mentors are volunteers who are breast cancer survivors or have been a caregiver to a breast cancer patient. Mentors must be at least one year past their last treatment date (unless metastatic).

Each Mentor has completed an eight-hour training specifically developed for ABCD by well-respected professionals to help them best use their personal breast cancer experience to comfort and guide those they will be mentoring. In addition to plenty of role playing to ensure our Mentors are ready to go, ABCD’s interactive training covers:


ABCD Intro


Confidentiality & Ethics


Listening & Communications


Dealing with Emotions


Survivorship & Self-Care


Applied Communications


Roles & Responsibilities


Breast Cancer & Your Sexuality


How our Mentor-matching process works:


The participant tells us about their breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, what’s weighing on their mind right now, and what they’re looking for in a Mentor.


The participant is matched with one of our 200 professionally-trained Mentors who has similar life and breast cancer experience.


The participant is connected by phone with their Mentor. Together, they decide when and how often to connect.

Free, completely confidential and always available. Participants can contact us at any time after diagnosis — today, five months or even five years from now. There are no time limits on our services.

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