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Artelia’s Triumph: Empowering Self-Advocacy in the Face of Breast Cancer

Artelia’s experience with breast cancer is one of courage, resilience, and unwavering self-advocacy. It began with several heartbreaking miscarriages in her early thirties, followed by a troubling discharge from her […]

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Riding the Waves of Resilience: Donna’s Journey with Harley-Davidson and ABCD

Donna King’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome, a genetic disorder that made her more susceptible to developing various types of cancer. Having dealt […]

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Tom Gobroski: A Male Breast Cancer Survivor and ABCD Advocate

Tom Gobroski’s journey as a male breast cancer survivor and advocate for ABCD is a testament to his resilience, determination, and passion for helping others. Diagnosed in March 2015, Tom […]

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Linda Settler: Finding Strength and Purpose in Breast Cancer Support

Nine years ago, Linda Settler received a life-altering diagnosis: stage 1A breast cancer. However, unlike many others, she had already mentally prepared for this diagnosis.  Growing up with the knowledge […]

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Dawn Oswald: Finding Support and Giving Back to Others

Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. At the time, she had the support of her family including her loving husband, who was with her at every treatment. But […]

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Susan Haise: A Passion for People

Susan Haise knows the value of a customized experience. As Founder of Edgeless Beauty Group, a Milwaukee-based company that oversees several beauty brands, Haise focuses on ensuring each person has […]

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Jan Lindemann: Making a Tough Decision With the Support of Two Mentors

After learning that her biopsy showed cancer and hearing her surgeon’s recommendation for a lumpectomy followed by radiation, Jan Lindemann was scared. Jan had experienced side effects from radiation in […]

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A True Bond, An Ocean Apart

After she was diagnosed in 2020 with stage IV breast cancer, Anna La Fontaine did what many do: She went online and Googled. Born and raised in Australia, she never […]

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June Winters: Mentorship Reaching Across the World

June Winters is no stranger to mentorship. Since starting her journey with ABCD in 2017 she has mentored some 25 Participants and describes her experience as an “opportunity to listen […]

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Healthcare Providers Help Patients Find Support on Their Journeys

Following a breast cancer diagnosis, healthcare providers focus on ensuring patients understand the next steps and receive prompt treatment. But patients also need emotional support – and healthcare providers play […]

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